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SHEMROCK franchise
Shemrock system manages – SHEMROCK Senior Secondary Schools (K-12) & SHEMROCK preschool
Following paragraphs give various details about both the schools as also other matters related to getting “franchise” of the Shemrock system of Education.

Brief about SHEMROCK

  1. SHEMROCK is first of its kind Pre School in India. It started functioning in New Delhi at Ashok Vihar in 1988 with international standards, which aspire to inculcate quality education to kids with more than 100 franchised Pre School's across India, SHEMROCK has rapidly gained popularity as the first and the most sought after Pre School in the country today. There's dearth of individuals and institutions that can bring a change in this field of education. Individuals who value the importance of education and who can offer their time and investment can make a big difference.
  2. It is a privilege to be part of a child's life to make a difference that will last. Such an experience surely touches ones heart and gives a sense of fulfillment. You too can have this rewarding experience by being closely associated with SHEMROCK, by becoming a franchisee.

We are sure you'll have as much fun earning, as kids will have learning!!

Advantage to start a SHEMROCK under Franchise

  1. Established Brand
    -You are permitted to use the SHEMROCK brand, which is owned & supported by one of the country’s leading and most established education related personnel.
    -Shemrock spends lacs of rupees every year in promotional activities and brand recall activities. It provides a support of a corporate establishment with years of experience.
    -It also ensures extensive word of mouth publicity.
    More than 60,000 children nationwide can vouch for the solid foundation given to them at SHEMROCK
  2. Research Based Organisation
    -The school chain was started, is owned and is managed by Foreign Qualified Educationists.
    -Education System is based on 19 years of research and experience.
    -The school system developed from ‘International Best Practices’.
    -Education System based on 19 years of research and experience.
    -Learn from our experience and avoid costly start-up mistakes.
    -Curriculum is designed by the expert educationists of the R&D division.
    -There is continuous monitoring & upgradation of the system as per the changing requirements.
  3. Proven Success & Promising future
    -Proven Franchise success model since 1991.
    -Personalized support resulting in highest success rates in the franchise sector in India.
    -Increased awareness of parents about the importance of providing best education practices to their children in the best schools.
    -Stable venture irrespective of economic cycles (people do not compromise on education of their children).
  4. Excellent Returns & Satisfaction
    -Royalty- value for money!
    -License Fee includes all of the following projects
         Nursery to 12th class
         Summer Camp & Activity centre for age group 2 to 12 years
         NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) Optional (at a special price)
    -Bonus Revenue Channels
    -No Hidden Cost.
    -Assistance in raising finance.
    -Corporate buying power, centralized designs & marketing material, pooled advertising costs and assistance in negotiations resulting in cost reduction.
    -Comparably Higher admission enquiries and fee chargeable due to a preference for a national brand.
    -Fee received in advance, therefore no bad debts.
    -Convenient working hours thereby, giving you ample personal time.
    -Watching your investment grow and getting the satisfaction of a positive working environment.
    -Enjoying a sense of ownership and garnering respect in the society.
  5. Our 5-Tier Support System: Ensuring your success!

(i) Personalized Support
-Guidance in school design, incorporating best practices to build schools of tomorrow .
-Assistance in procuring materials like equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardized specifications.
-Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of IT hardware, software and systems.
-Supply of Corporate Package of registration forms, manuals and recruitment materials which can be customized as per your need.
-Assistance by Franchisee Supervisors who will be the contact point for day-to-day queries.
-Bulk procurement of supplies, to help you save in purchasing.

(ii) Recruitment & Training

-Constant support from Human Resource Department of the Head office.
-Help to identify and recruit qualified staff for your school.
-Uniquely designed easy to understand 'Training Manual'.
-Regular training of the facilitators to ensure high standards of education.

(iii) Marketing Guidance
-Guidelines for launching the school, including publicity material and low-cost effective promotion schemes.
-Advice on preparation and implementation of an Annual Marketing Plan.
- Development of PR strategy and regular presence in Media.
-Access to professionally developed advertising, promotional and marketing material such as designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing, leaflets, banners, cable advertising, graphic design & copywriting.
-Unique 'Parental Involvement Programmes’ resulting in healthy community relations.

(iv)Academic Research & Development
-Comprehensive curriculum, which is continuously researched and updated to give it a cutting edge.  
-Regular contact with the Academic R&D department through e-mails.
-Process Manuals for Morning assembly, Outings, Activities, celebrations, Annual Day, Sports Day, Excursion, Competitions and other events.
-Continuous Monitoring system to ensure quality.

  1. Systems & Quality control

-Providing Administrative Systems and Manuals for running the school.
-Analysis of ‘Progress Reports’ to identify strengths and weaknesses.
-Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience for every branch.
-Regular monitoring and reporting system to ensure smooth functioning of all branches.

Land required for:-

  1. Senior Secondary school (CBSE): - 1 acre (as per norms)
  2. Preschool:- 1500 - 2000 sq. feet built up area in the ground/first floor for preschool

-In metropolitan cities with a population exceeding 25 Lakhs, the land should not be less than 1 acre for CBSE qualification requirement with adequate building and there must be an arrangement with other institution/organization for imparting physical and health education and conducting games in their grounds.

-In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the eligibility in hilly areas.

-In all other places, the school must possess at-least about 1.5 acres of land and a building constructed on a part of the land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land. In case of lease, it will be acceptable only if it is for a minimum of 30 years and in favour of the Society/School by registered deed.

-Land Area for Residential School
The school must possess about 10 acres of land. This type of school will have the CBSE system. These schools will be truly global in all approaches and may be setup in India or Abroad.

Apart from the land your investment will be on the construction, the cost of which ranges from Rs 700 onwards Rs per sq ft(including furniture and interiors) depending on the fee that is being targeted in the school. We should be able to secure bank funding for a majority of this amount. Banks also gives a one year moratorium to help you settle down the school and within a year should be able to reach a stage where you start paying the bank installment from the fee collection. Hence to start a school you need the required land and some working capital.Fill up the form by hand which is attached below and then courier us the form to.

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